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"Mosaic of Change" Launch at UNESCO's HQ in Paris In Celebration of its 70th Anniversary

Mosaic of Change (MOC) is a new universal storytelling platform presenting a visual language through immersive design experiences that spur intercultural dialogue and understanding to inspire peace and foster change. The official launch of the Mosaic of Change platform was presented by UNESCO in partnership with Millennium ART, the curators and organizers, delivered with the creative technology of Obscura Digital, and made possible with the Global Title Sponsorship of the Li Ka Shing Foundation.

In celebration of UNESCO's 70th anniversary, the Mosaic of Change (MOC) Live Architectural Projection Experience was a first-of-its-kind large scale projection show canvassing the facades of UNESCO's headquarters' buildings in Paris.

"Mosaic of Change utilizes art and technology to educate and inform citizens about how UNESCO functions as a hub to forge universal agreements on the most pressing modern issues," noted Eric Falt, Assistant Director-General for External Relations and Public Information at UNESCO. "This creative platform reflects what we have achieved to date, and reminds us of focusing our time and resources where change is still needed most."

"The Mosaic of Change started as a vision that brought some of the most amazing creative talent together from all corners of the globe to design and manifest a platform for change" said Mia Hanak, Executive Director of Millennium ART. "The concept behind MOC is to highlight and connect individuals working to create change no matter what their tools and capacities are, as each story makes up one piece of the bigger picture, and that bigger picture is a sustainable world worth passing on to future generations."

"Having the opportunity to bring UNESCO's archival multimedia collection and world music collection to life through large-scale, high resolution experiences is unprecedented," stated Chris Lejeune, Co- Founder and CEO of Obscura Digital. "Our aim is to use this powerful content to influence minds and inspire positive actions in order to make this world a better place."

The MOC Interactive Media Communications Installation is on exhibit at UNESCO's headquarters in Paris from November 3 - December 11, 2015, spanning several high level events ranging from the General Conference, Leaders Forum, and the COP21 Climate Change Conference. Dynamic visual content including photos, video, data visualizations, audio quotes world music, and narratives, is presented in UNESCO's six official languages.

Mosaic of Change

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