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Trireme Olympias Kickstarter Campaign

To restore and film the last
remaining Trireme in the world.
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Trireme Olympias: A beacon of democracy and freedom, the ancient Athenian Trireme warships have been sited in poems and plays; studied by historians and architects and "replicated" by naval designers all over the world. These illustrious vessels played an imperative role during what is regarded as one of the most important battles of man kind, The Battle of Salamis.

The great Greek philosopher Aristotle wrote in Politics, "The common people, serving in the fleet, won the victory at Salamis, gave Athens power at sea, and this gave her an empire, and so they preserved democracy." The Battle of Salamis has obtained a "legendary" status in most circles. Perhaps because of the desperate circumstances of a Greek outnumbered-navy and the unlikely odds they would win.

In 1985, construction on the only Trireme replica, HN Olympias, commenced under the Auspices of the Hellenic Navy. The reconstruction of the ancient Athenian vessel is a "rebirth" of liberty in the modern world.

300: Rise of an Empire

Visit the Kickstarter Campaign and help "Olympias" to be fully restored, filmed and shipped to New York. If she's fully restored, she will join the Warner Brothers premiere of 300: Rise of an Empire in the USA, and there are many more opportunities that await her. By supporting this campaign, you will not only help restore a historic ship to its former glory, you will also be helping to support incredible craftsmen.

Trireme Kickstarter Campaign Promo
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