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GSC: The Greek Society of Cinematographers

The Greek Society of Cinematographers is reality. The first elections took place in Athens, Greece on Sunday, March 31, 2013. GSC is a non-profit association dedicated to the art of filmmaking, to promote and encourage the art and craft of cinematography.

Its membership is by invitation only and comprises talented and experienced Greek Cinematographers, many of whom have received awards and other accolades for their work. Currently, the GSC membership roster comprises 29 cinematographers.

The Greek Society of Cinematographers Roster 2013-2014

Members of the Board:
Daskalothanassis Yiannis, GSC - President
Frentzos George, GSC - Vice President
Efthimiopoulos Dionysis, GSC - Secretary
Klotsotiras Bill, GSC - Treasurer
Theos Argyris, GSC - Member
Apostolopoulos Stelios, GSC - Substitution
Sarketzis Simos, GSC - Substitution

Viskadourakis Angelos, GSC
Argyroiliopoulos George, GSC
Theodoropoulos Dimitris, GSC
Adamis Ilias, GSC
Voudouris Christos, GSC
Michopoulos Theodoros, GSC
Epaminondas Zaphiris, GSC
Gkikas Kostis, GSC
Kyrlidis Polydefkis, GSC
Mytilineou Olympia, GSC
Pagonis Spyros, GSC
Mitsis Fotis, GSC
Giannoulis Stamatis, GSC
Sarketzis Simon, GSC
Giannelis Yorgos, GSC
Kasimatis Dimitris, GSC
Mihelis George, GSC
Koutsaftis Philippos, GSC
Stamoulis Kostas, GSC
Bolivar Claudio, GSC
Maragoudaki Katerina, GSC
Grivas Alexis, GSC
Alexandris Christos, GSC