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"Man At Sea" Special Screening for DP A.Viskadourakis at GFA

Man At Sea Special Screening
Saturday March 2 - Greek Film Archive

Man At Sea Trailer

Man At Sea is a 2011 Greek drama film Written & Directed by Constantine Giannaris, DPed by Aggelos Viskadourakis & Yorgos Argiroiliopoulos and Produced by Yorgos Lykiardopoulos of Highway Productions. The film shot on RED, graded by Two Thirty Five and filmed in Athens, premiered at the 61st Berlinale Panorama in 2011.

The Special Screening by Highway Prod. is scheduled today for the purposes of raising funds to help cover the medical expenses required for the medical care of DP Aggelos Viskadourakis in Germany.

The Screening will take place at the Greek Film Archive located at the junction of Iera Odos & Megalou Alexandrou Str. in Keramikos, Athens Greece, on Saturday, March 2, 18:00. Admission: €50.

For further info contact Yorgos Lykiardopoulos of Highway Productions at: (+30) 6972888051, (+30) 210 3314088, (+30) 210 3314089 or mail to

Synopsys: After the long separation following the death of their son, Alex and Kate meet again on board the oil-tanker Sea Voyager. That same day, Alex rescues thirty adolescent immigrants adrift in the Mediterranean. No country grants asylum, while Mati, the manager of the nearly bankrupt ship-owner, forces Alex to deal with the situation promptly.

But each one of his efforts results at a dead-end. Some members of the crew grow fond of certain teenagers, including Kate who takes a second-chance to motherhood with young Samir, but the majority feel that their 'guests' have overextended their welcome.

Unable to handle the tension and wrapped up in his depression, Alex makes a series of wrong decisions and the tragic results leave no one unaffected. Until he finally finds the courage to rise above the situation.

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