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Every Pop Culture Reference from Tarantino Movies In Under 6 Minutes (video)

Everyone knows that Tarantinian dialogue includes a lot of pop culture references, but it's hard to get an idea of just how many nods to movies, TV, and music that QT included over the years. Luckily now, there's a video for that.

While not an "absolute" collection (that would require making a video nearly as long as all of Tarantino's films combined), College Humor has edited together a video that puts Tarantino's numerous pop culture references together in chronological order. It's a pretty cool little clip that I recommend checking out (and it's only a little over five minutes long!)

The best thing about this cut isn’t the assembly of all the references; it’s the little gauge that shows what decade any given one refers to. It will come as no surprise to anyone that most of the references are from the late ’60s to the late ’80s.