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43 Amazing Secret Wallpapers (Hidden in OS X Mountain Lion) and how to find them!

43 Amazing Secret Wallpapers
(Hidden in OS X Mountain Lion)

OS X Mountain Lion has a secret directory with 44 gorgeous high-res wallpapers including some truly amazing aerial photography and gorgeous scenery from National Geographic and the Hubble Space Telescope.

Each image is a whopping 3200×2000 resolution. To uncover these hidden wallpapers, press
Cmd + Shift + G from your desktop to bring up the "Go to folder" dialog.

Then paste this in and press enter:

/System/Library/Frameworks/ScreenSaver.Framework/Versions/A/Resources/Default Collections/

Now you can copy the four directories “1-National Geographic”, “2-Aerial”, “3-Cosmos”, “4-Nature Patterns” to where you keep your other wallpaper images and set them as your wallpaper.

You can also open your "System Preferences", go to "Desktop & Screen Saver" and add each directory by pressing the + button:

Via: OS X Daily