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Teenage Riot: Athens [VICE Short Documentary - Full Length]

Teenage Riot: Athens [Full Length]
VICE Short Documentary

Teenage Riot: Athens [Full Length]

On the eve of the biggest Greek strike since the right-wing junta was overthrown almost three decades ago, VICE traveled to Athens to meet up with the people behind it. Students, anarchists, trade unionists, and communists let VICE into their squats to discuss the current government. Teenage Riot: Athens was filmed at the heart of the recent massive riots in Athens, Syntagma square, GR.

Producer: Alex Miller, Camera: Hugo Donkin & Henry Langston, Editor: Niall Kenny, Music Supervisor: Ricki Askin, Graphics/Animation: Bex Rumble, Researcher: Electra Kotsoni.

VICE description: "Upon arriving in Athens we find a city whose streets are disappearing under uncollected waste. There's a sense of desperation overcoming the citizens. In the run up to a 48-hour national strike we meet teenage anarchists who are desperate for police blood, communists praying for revolution, and civil servants struggling to understand what has happened to their country.

The first day of the 48-hour hunger strike. A crowd of hundreds of thousands makes its way to parliament to protest the proposed austerity measures. We hear about the tactics used by the anarchists and police before seeing it for ourselves. Tear gas, flash grenades, and rocks fly as the city unites in angry disenchantment and attempts to storm parliament.

The Greek parliament meets to vote on proposed austerity measures while outside their society polarizes itself. All pretenses of togetherness vanish as the lines between authority figures and protesters are blurred, leading to street battles and, ultimately, one man's death.

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