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Modern robotics hits Hollywood. IRIS: The most advanced camera rig ever created

Say hello to my little friend. IRIS combines the precision of modern robotics with the reach and flexibility needed to capture not just one technical shot, but all of them. It's never been easier to put the camera where you want it, when you want it, over and over again.

More than just a tool for camera control, IRIS is a platform for automating the entire set. Move lights, actors and set pieces in perfect synchronization, then watch in real-time as they match your CG elements. Automate cues, trigger hardware and coordinate across departments, all from an intuitive touch interface.

IRIS is designed for the professional filmmaker. IRIS integrates with industry-standard hardware and software and includes features essential to any professional film production: data management, real-time composite playback and rock-solid stability.

Watch Keanu Reeves and the IRIS system in action on his Directional Debut "Man of Tai Chi": Kungfu Proof of Concept

This is cinematic automation. Hollywood, meet Detroit.

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