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The most beautiful neoclassic building in the world

The Academy of Athens
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The Academy of Athens' Building constitutes one of three parts in an "architectural trilogy" consisting of the Museum (the National Library) - the University - and the Academy. The latter was designed in 1859, by the Danish architect Theophil Hansen (1813-1891), the younger brother of the University's architect, Christian Hansen. It is considered the most important work of Hansen, and is regarded by experts as the most beautiful neoclassic building worldwide.

The Academy Exterior 1/3
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Fashioned out of fine marble, the facade of the Building of the Academy of Athens, faces Panepistimiou Avenue. One side faces the University of Athens and the other two face the garden of the Academy, which extends north to Akadimia Avenue and east to Sina Street.

Academy Exterior 2/3
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The Building consists of a central part with two wings, and displays characteristics of the Ionian rhythm. Its central part is designed along the lines of an amphiprostyle temple.

Academy Exterior 3/3
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The Building of the Academy of Athens has a rich sculptural decoration, which was executed over the course of a decade, from the 1870s up to the mid 1880s. The major part of the decoration is the work of the sculptor Leonidas Drosis (1843-1884). The terra-cotta sculptures adorning the eight smaller pediments of the building's two wings, are based on designs by Hansen.

Foreground: Socrates - Background: God Apollo
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On the right side of the Academy's building there are two statues: Apollo the guitar-player (3.71 m. high) and seated Socrates (2.40 m. high).

Foreground: Plato - Background: Goddess Athena
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On left side of the Academy's building there are two more statues: Athena the defender (4.11 m. high) and seated Plato (2.40 m. high).

Visit: The Academy of Athens | The National Library of Greece