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Louie Psihoyos Interview (video)

Louie Psihoyos interview for 'Mpes sto Clima' eco-show, Sky tv GR
[1min intro in Greek, entire talk in English, GR subtitled]

I had the pleasure to talk with Louie once again on February this time for "Mpes sto Clima" eco-show airing on Sky tv Greece. We had a long 50minute talk way above our mark and we aired the 7 minutes of it plus 2 on Sky Now morning show. I decided to also blog the interview because Louie's words are truly inspiring & encouraging. In the future i'll update the post with the uncut version.

We had scheduled the interview at 21:00 GR time via Skype. Local time in Boulder, Colorado was 12:00 in the morning. For that purpose i decided to go with Ecamm's plugin, the Call Recorder for Skype. The Call Recorder gives you the ability to record Skype video calls using h.264 encoding with uncompressed audio. I also captured the interview with the Canon 7D, at 1080p, 24fps, facing the 27-inch display of the iMac. At the final edit we used the 7D footage with the audio from the Call Recorder.

I would like to thank Adrienne Hall (Production Coordinator / OPS Studio Manager) for her valuable help and all Oceanic Preservation Society crew.

The following video features an additional 2minute talk.

+ 2min presented by Popi Tsapanidou at 'Sky Now' Morning show

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