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Apple releases Final Cut Pro X

Basic Editing features

• Magnetic Timeline automatically keeps material in sync,
prevents clip collisions, and eliminates gaps.
• Clip Connections keep secondary material in place
while trimming and moving the Primary Storyline.
Choose to hide or display Clip Connections in the timeline.
• Compound Clips allow complex compositions
to be simplified into a single clip.
• Auditions combine multiple clips into a single clip
to see alternative takes, color grades, or effects in context.

• Duplicate a clip inside an Audition for comparison
of different effects on the same clip
• Edit while importing media in the background.
• View material in Filmstrip or List view
with a mini-filmstrip and metadata columns.
• Skimming functionality enables fast viewing
of large amounts of material.
• Skimmable projects in Project Library enable viewing before loading.

• Mix frame sizes, frame rates, and formats
in the same timeline up to 4K in real time.
• Edit at 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 50, 59.94, or 60 fps.
• Create the correct project setting with the first edit.
• Insert, Overwrite, Replace, Append, and Connect
with keystroke or drag and drop.
• Extend edit to Skimmer position.
• Split edits with J and L cuts in the timeline.

• Top and Tail in a single keystroke for news and documentary editing.
• Direct access to iTunes, iMovie, iPhoto,
and Aperture through Media Browsers.
• Timeline Index for timeline navigation and the selection
of items based on text searches and other important metadata.
• Position tool for moving and deleting media in the timeline and leaving gap.
• Clip Markers that include to-do items that can be checked
off when tasks are completed.

• Snapping to Playhead, Skimmer, Clips, and Markers.
• Replace with Gap
• Lift from Primary Storyline
• Create Storyline to consolidate B-roll into a single unit
• Insert Placeholder
• Insert Gap

• Numeric entry of precise clip durations
• Blade tool for adding edits
• High-quality, real-time vectorscopes, waveforms, and histograms
• Record Audio tool for adding narration
• Six Clip Appearance presets for timeline display
• Multi-Touch gesture support