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Timelapse: Suspended in the air | Meteora

the people of Kalampaka,
Elena Guest House,
D. Theodorakos - Online

Suspended in the Air | Meteora has been chosen by Coldplay
as Today's Exhibit on Saturday 26 Nov, 2011
on Coldplay's Exhibition Room.

3 days at the holy rock mountains of Meteora. I've always wanted to shoot timelapse in this unique region and i finally managed to do it. The weather was perfect for tourism but not the ideal one for me - for 72 hours there were no clouds in the sky for a decent timelapse. Still, i tried to capture the stars above the rocks & the movement of the earth with long exposures starting at midnight until 08:00 in the morning. Probably the most exhausting trip so far, but it sure was a good one. I was shooting standing in awe at this truly, one of a kind, extraordinary place. One more appointment with Meteora is on the way, this time to capture the rocks during the heavy winter.

On the technical side, i would like to thank Sachtler for contacting me to test their brand new Cine DSLR fluid head. The gear arrived from Germany and i worked with it all 3 days. Very well-designed, solid, stable and above all light. For this project i actually left my regular head/tripod in my hotel and used only the Cine DSLR & tripod. I'm focusing on the light construction because it's very important to travel light when you have to shoot places & areas where you can go only by foot. The light construction made my shooting a lot more easier at the top of the rock mountains since i had to go up there by foot, climbing the mountains as well as walking up hundreds of rock stairs to reach my various shooting points. Well done Sachtler! Special thanks also to MC Manios & the guys from RentPhotoVideo, Kostas & Dimitris.


- Canon 7D
- Canon EF 50mm f/1.4
- Canon EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8
- Canon 70-200mm f/2.8
- Canon 2x Extender
- Intervalometer Canon TRC TC-80N3
- Sachtler CINE DSLR
- Zacuto Z-Finder
- Ikan VX7

Settings: [Day timelapse]
- 1/1250 exposure
- 3 seconds interval
- 100 ISO
- f/2.8 aperture
- Color Space: Adobe RGB

Settings: [Night timelapse]

- 13 seconds exposure
- 15 seconds interval
- 1250 ISO
- f/2.8 aperture
- Color Space: Adobe RGB


- Audio editing in WaveLab 7 for MAC
- Additional sounds from The Freesound Project


- My Name is Lincoln by Steve Jablonsky (iTunes).


- Converted to Apple ProRes 422 with MPEG Streamclip
- Edited in Final Cut Pro 7
- Rendered at 24fps, 1080p, 2.39:1 aspect ratio, exported to ProRes 422
- Transcoded to h.264 with MPEG Streamclip

Useful APPS:

- Helios [Sun Position Calculator]
- Sun Seeker [Solar path Calculator / The arc of the sun]
- MoonPhase [Moon Position Calculator]
- Artemis [Director's Viewfinder]
- pCAM [Field of View/Depth of Field Calculator]
- MatchLens [Match Lens Calculator]

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