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HDSLRs takes over TV industry

Canon 1DmkIV w/ Tokina lens, Genus Mattebox, Zacuto Z-finder

As the time goes by, more and more filmmakers, journalists & documentarists around the world, are using DSLRs to film their pieces. MSNBC’s David Friedman covered the Haiti earthquake with a Canon 5DmkII, BBC used a 5DmkII to cover the Burma’s Kachin army preparation to fight civil war, Al Jazeera’s Matthew Allard uses the 7D to shoot the tv news and Janek Zdzarksi reports for Polish TV using also the 7D just to name a few.

Photojournalist Danfung Dennis has been producing incredible work from Afghanistan where he works as an embedded photojournalist. His filming is both editorially and visually compelling – especially given the extreme conditions under which he works. He is currently working on his own documentary, “Battle for Hearts and Minds”, as well as having his footage featured on PBS Frontline."

Danfung Dennis covered the Afghanistan war with the 5DmkII

Dan Chung says: "This is a big deal, i am reliably informed the BBC has aired its first hard news piece shot mostly on a Canon 5DmkII. It’s a nicely filmed report on Burma’s Kachin army by correspondent Alastair Leithead and shot by a BBC cameraman. Much of the footage has the DSLR look but I’m told they also used a small Sony A1 HDV camcorder for the interview sections. The piece is a great use of the camera as they were travelling to a remote location – the 5DmkII makes it much easier to keep a low profile."

The Burma story shot on 5DmkII. Watch it on BBC

"Now the BBC are joining numerous major news organisations in using DSLR for news footage; others include PBS, MSNBC, Al Jazeera, Channel 4 (UK), Reuters, AP and Agence France Press."

The Sword Maker & The Swordsman.
Shot on 7D by Matthew Allard, AlJazeera Senior Field Cameraman

Matthew Allard's piece for AlJazeera shot on 7D. Watch it on AlJazeera

About Matthew Allard, AlJazeera Senior Field Cameraman, Kuala Lumpur:
Matt has been a Camera/Editor in TV news for 20 years, previously working for both Channel 9 and Channel 10 in Australia. Twice Network Ten Australia’s cameraman of the year as well as being a Walkley Finalist for outstanding camerawork in 2006 (for coverage of the Cronulla Race Riots) and a Logie Finalist for outstanding news coverage 2006 (Bali 9). He has covered news events in more than 30 countries, from major sporting events to terrorist bombings. Based out of the Kuala Lumpur broadcast centre in Malaysia he is an avid user and follower of new technology, shooting stories on HD broadcast cameras as well as new Canon DSLR’s.

Johnnie Behiri's piece for National Geographic shot on 7D

About Johnnie Behiri: Johnnie is a BBC freelance cameraman operating from Vienna, Austria. When not working for the BBC, Johnnie films documentaries, commercials, music videos, and testimonial/marketing videos.

Peter H. Chang work for Discovery shot partially on 5DmkII

Lightscapes is an episodic, half-hour experiential television series airing on Discovery HD Theater that captures famous buildings and landscapes around the world as they are transformed by stunning, large-scale lighting displays. The series is created by Peter H. Chang and Christopher Frey.

Matthew Niederhauser's work for The New York Times shot on 5DmkII

About Matthew Niederhauser: Matthew is a freelance photojournalist based in Beijing. He is open to and ready for any commercial, editorial or documentary work in Asia and also fancies himself an adept writer with an eye for the absurd. His work has appeared in the New Yorker, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Guardian Observer, Foreign Policy, Wall Street Journal and Time Magazine amongst others. Matthew shoots both film and digital with a Canon 5D Mark II, Hasselblad 205FCC, panoramic Noblex 135U and a Linhof Technica V. He also travels with a Profoto 7b powerpack with two heads and a ring flash for environmental portraiture.

Canon 5DmkII - Redrock Rig

The Canon 5DmkII is increasingly being used for film and television projects, including the films 'The Journey', 'New Town Killers' and 'Helter Skelter' directed by Richard Jobson, and the 'idents' that appear between programmes on the FIVE USA TV channel.

HDSLRs are spreading and they're spreading fast. In less than 1 year they became 100% exceptable also from the big tv studios. Major TV Production companies embraced them and use the DSLRs as A or B-roll cams for big-budget tv series like HOUSE MD & 24 (scroll down for full list).

The reasons? Image Quality, Portability, and every Producer's bigger concern: Money. You got the beautiful cinematic look at 24fps with the shallow depth of field, you got large collection of lenses, you got the desired bokeh, you got much more shots & flexibility than big & heavy cams, and you got all of these in a price starting at 2.500€. Big difference from a 70.000€ cam.

HOUSE MD Season 6 Finale shot on Canon 5DmkII - FOX | STAR (GR)

+ Detailed article about how Executive Producer and Emmy winning Director Greg Yaitanes & Director of Photography of House M.D Gale Tattersall, shot the entire HOUSE Season 6 finale on Canon 5DmkII you can find here.

NUNB3RS shot partially on Canon 7D & 5DmkII - CBS | STAR (GR)

+ “I couldn’t be more excited about these cameras, both the 5D Mark II and the 7D" says the Director of Numb3rs Stephen Gyllenhaal on Planet5D and continues: "We used them on Numb3rs for insert shots and for principle photography when using the lens baby. I’d really wanted to use it for the main camera (A camera) as well. But no one is quite ready to do that, although it’s close (I think) to doing much of what the Genesis camera does — worth hundreds of thousands of dollars."

BTS: Shooting Numb3rs on Canon 7D. Director: Stephen Gyllenhaal

No Reservations shot on Canon 5DmkII - Travel Channel | MEGA (GR)

+ Andrew Hetherington says in his piece about Anthony Bourdain: "The shoot day was really fun. Tony is an old pro and was game for anything. Used as he is to being in front of the camera we moved a long at a cracking pace from one set up to another. After we wrapped he was super excited to talk shop about the Canon 5D Mark II and how its really upped the production value on ‘No Reservations’. The show is now shot entirely on the Mark II."

Zach Zamboni shooting 'No Reservations' on 5DmkII & Redrock rig

Mo Fallon shooting 'No Reservations' on 5DmkII & Zacuto Z-Finder

Jamie Oliver's show "30 Minute Meals" is shot partially on Canon 5DmkII

24 shot partially on Canon 5DmkII - FOX | SKAI (GR)
24 Director of Photography Rodney Charters

True Blood shot partially on Canon 5DmkII - HBO | ANT1 (GR)

Covert Affairs shot partially on Canon 5DmkII | USA Network

Memphis Beat shot partially on Canon 7D | TNT

SNL Opening sequence shot on Canon 5DmkII & Canon 7D | NBC

Thanks & Kudos to PlanetMitch from Planet5D
and Dan Chung from DSLR News Shooter

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