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Canon EOS 7D Custom Picture Styles Test

Canon 7D Custom Picture Styles Test

There is a lot of discussion about the Custom Picture Styles. In our days you can find loads of them with different settings and numerous tone & color combinations. The 3 most popular are Neil Stubbings' Superflat, Marvels Cine Gamma & sumitagarwals Kodachrome.

Neil Stubbings Superflat:
Sharpness: 0 | Contrast: -4 | Saturation: -2 | Color Tone: 0

Marvels Cine Gamma:
Sharpness: 3 | Contrast: -2 | Saturation: -1 | Color Tone: 1

sumitagarwal Kodachrome:
Sharpness: 0 | Contrast: -1 | Saturation: 1 | Color Tone: 1

So, which is the right Style in order to achive the desired "Film Look"?
One thing is for sure: If you want color control in post, you have to be flat, really flat.

Neil Stubbings Superflat gives you that super flat image and a lot of space to work in post. Marvels Cine Gamma lifts the black levels is shadows and low-mids and compresses the highlights, resulting in an over-all increased latitude and a decrease in contrast. You can translate this picture as "flat" but it isn't really that flat because the dynamic range has been moved towards in both highlights and blacks. On the other hand sumitagarwal Kodachrome gives you more of a warm vintage feel & "live" picture than a flat picture.

Comparing those 3 Custom Picture Styles and grading with Magic Bullet with the exact same color correction settings in all 3 styles you can see clearly the differences in the final results.

Neil Stubbings Superflat:
The "base" for post production editing.
Super wide range for grading and color manipulation.

Marvels Cine Gamma:
Excellent for achieving the Film look.
Wide post-grading pallet. Close to Cine look.

sumitagarwal Kodachrome:
Ideal for users that they don't want to go far in post.
Narrow grading flexibility. Balances between Video & Film look.

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